Hi! I’m Frank Dominek and I’ve worked my way from the absolute bottom; slowly growing a wonderfully successful career and securing my goal of living a happy life. Although I’m happy with what I’ve achieved, for me, there is still more to be done. With the help of some very talented people, I’m working to create world-class products which will connect the world and change society. I’m the founder of www.zimidy.com and the author of the book What To Do About Money and Success. I grew up in an inner city ghetto in Pittsburgh and along the way I’ve had to do a lot to get to where I am. I’ve learned a truckload of important lessons that I want to share with anyone who is stuck in a rut or just looking to get started in the world. A lot of my experiences and advice will be captured on the blog, but I’ve reserved some of my absolute best advice and even more about my own experiences for my book. It’s definitely worth a read.

Now you know a bit about me, make sure you’re commenting on the articles – I want to know more about you. If commenting isn’t your style, it’s OK – a simple Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram follow is acceptable (just click the buttons at the top of the page). I’m writing this blog because I want to help people, to help you, I want to talk to you and find out what you are trying to do. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

While I’m very passionate about finances and helping people to find success in life, I am also a very political person. To that end, I’m working to create a political application that will help us to finally take back control of our government. Check out that blog here: bastarddemocracy.com – we need to get united around a platform that can help us force change to happen. This can be that platform, and you can force that change. Find out more about the problems we’re currently facing and how we have the power to change them by checking out that link.