So many people follow successful people on twitter, read blogs like this one, or post success meme’s on social media. People are infatuated with success, and that’s great, but the one thing that keeps most people from achieving it is that they aren’t ready to put in the work. There is a really popular sound bite about how much dedication you need to really get it done, take a couple minutes and refresh yourself on it.

That video gets me hyped up every time I hear it, because it is so accurate! Just imagine the feeling you have when your head is underwater and you can’t breathe. The fear of drowning. The suffocating, crushing, panicked feeling of just wanting to breathe. Hold your breath right now, as long as you can. I don’t mean until you don’t feel like holding it anymore, I mean until you can’t stand it. When it gets hard, grab on to the table near you or chair you’re sitting in and hold it a little longer. Just keep holding it until you just cannot take it anymore. Until your body aches. Hold. Your. Breath. Hold your breath until there is nothing more you want in the world than to breathe again. I’ll wait…

That feeling you just had, that you would do anything to breathe. That is the exact feeling you need to have every day to achieve the success you want in life. You need to make a commitment that you will do anything to reach your goals. You cannot be stopped. There will be barriers and you will be held back, but you cannot be stopped. That is the mindset you need coming into this, or you will never be able to put in the work required to become whatever you want to be.

Taking my life from nothing to something has been a battle. I grew up in a crack-house in Pittsburgh, surrounded by the most failed people you could meet. I rarely had the food I needed to survive. My parents sold our food stamps for drugs, so if we didn’t get free food from charity; I had to get creative. Breathing wasn’t my problem, eating was. Since I was as young as 7 or 8 years old, I was finding ways to earn. Lemonade stand, check. Yard sale, check. I used to steal flowers from the community gardens, drop them into planters I found, and sell them on the corner. I did all this work before I was even 10 years old. I needed to eat, and I was going to find a way to do that.

As I got older, the hunger never stopped. I moved out of my parent’s house when I was only 14 to shed myself of the dead weight. In high school, I had three jobs. As I got older, I started finding ways to maximize my income so that I could live comfortably with only one job. With the extra time, I am building wealth. I don’t have time to sit back and relax because my end game takes a lot of work and the work never stops. There are times when I barely see my friends, and even though we live in the same house there are times when I can barely talk to my girlfriend. I wake up every day and work until I go to sleep.

Some people get lucky and they find a career they genuinely love and have no problem working in a traditional way until the end. Some people have a rich family or a trust fund and they don’t have to work hard to succeed in whatever way they desire. There are others that want to succeed financially and strike it rich in the stock market or gambling; but even those paths take hard work. For most of us though, the grind is the most proven way to find success.

My path to success was faster than most, and from start to finish I would say it took about eight years of intense dedication, but it never felt like eight years. You don’t just exist for eight years and then succeed, there are smaller goals along the way, and as you focus on each of these smaller goals – time passes. Eventually five, eight, or ten years have passed and you just look back in awe of everything you’ve accomplished. You’re not thinking of how long the path is, you’re focused along the way on each step. If you want to climb a mountain you don’t spend time staring at the peak, you focus on every single step.


Through this blog, I’m going to teach you how to overcome the mountain, so you can enjoy the path back down the other side. It will take work, but if we do it right, it really won’t feel like work, it will just be life.

Today, I just want you to focus on that suffocating feeling, and think about your job, your debt, your relationships, your car, your house, think about all the things that you just can’t stand until you feel like those things are literally pressing down on your chest. You need to find a way out of your situation, and you need to do it now. Force that frustration with the life you have down into your gut so that it boils and rages and forces you to change. Change is what you need to find success.

When you’re ready we can talk about how to find your next step.

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