Slavery is one of the most abhorrent (horrible) things to ever happen to humankind. We are lucky to be alive in a time when slaves are given more freedom than ever before. For me, that illusion of freedom isn’t enough, and we shouldn’t accept it. In this blog I’m going to cover my personal fight against modern slavery and some other random stuff that I find interesting. I hope that along that way I can help all of you to become more free (freer) in your own lives, pursuing things you’re passionate about, finding success, and enjoying a freedom-rich life. There will be some bloopers along the way, but we’ll come out on the other side happier, more successful, more interesting, and just overall better – together.

Today, most of us are slaves. We don’t think of our daily lives as slavery but we are owned. Our masters don’t care much which of them individually receive benefits from each individual slave. There are so many slaves that each one individually doesn’t matter very much to the small number of masters that exist. You can switch masters as much as you want. Since there are so many slaves, there will always be another one to take your place.


To be clear, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories about a ruling elite conspiring to enslave humanity. I think that economics and power control what happens in the world and that the world that exists today is just a simple evolution of the market based on social forces. Since the dawn of time society has operated mostly in a leader and the led type relationship. Those being led served to provide resources to the leader so he (traditionally) or she (hopefully more now) could protect or guide them. We basically gave up some amount of our own freedom and autonomy in exchange for safety. Obviously, not all slaves got the same deal, since there have been very different degree’s of slavery that have occurred through history. When I say safety though, I don’t refer exclusively to physical safety; in some cases we gave up freedom to feel safe from information and feel safe from having to make choices.

Handing over your power to think critically in exchange for a simpler and less daunting life results in the modern slavery I’m railing against in this blog. The average life today, at least in the United States, goes something like this: born; indoctrinated (made to believe something without thinking critically about it) into what is normal in society through parents, family, friends, and the first 12 years of school; choose a path of either further education, vocation, or service; continue in that path until you are elderly; retire; maybe enjoy the dying years of your life on what you earned through your healthy years; die. Somewhere in there you may or may not start a family, get married, or both. This is life for most people in the United States and it has been for many generations. Life has been similar for most people through history. Life has been survival and survival required someone to provide a service to someone else that could ensure that survival long-term. If you couldn’t provide any useful service, then your survival was in question.

Today, to survive, you are likely waking up 5 days a week (usually) to do a job that you didn’t exactly choose. For most people we found a job that would accept us, not the exact one we wanted at the company we believed in. As independent adults we have bills that we need to take care of if we want to live in a way that we feel comfortable. The costs of rent, utilities, food, clothes, car, and technology do not stop so you cannot stop working if you want those things. This is the modern slavery I am talking about. We are enslaved by our lifestyle, enslaved by the need to maintain a standard of living where we feel happiness. We cannot choose to stop working and pursue our passions or creativity because we need to continue earning in order to provide for ourselves and our families. No matter how much we earn there is always an opportunity to fill that earning power with a newer and fancier level of existence This higher standard of living will continue to require us to occupy our time with types of work that are unfulfilling for most people. We are enslaved by our need to earn enough to survive in an active way. Passive income offers us an avenue to freedom.

Passive income is freedom, it allows you to spend your time as you see fit. How much you need and what you do with it is up to you. Some people just want to create enough income to exist comfortably. Some people want so much passive income that they can change the world, either through community outreach, political outreach, in pursuit of eradicating disease and famine, or through some other passion that I have no idea about. The spectrum for what qualifies as a fulfilling life is extreme, but, with passive income you can achieve a life you are happy to lead.

There is a minority of people in the workforce that have been lucky that the work they do in the workforce aligns perfectly with their passions. Doing this work makes them feel fulfilled and happy while they earn an income in an active way. This is great, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of life. If your passions are valued so much that you can survive comfortably while pursuing them, keep up the good work. I still have some suggestions for you too though which can help you to free up more time for friends and family and take breaks to recharge your creativity.

I’m well on my path to breaking free from the bonds of active income and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned along the way. Together, we can build a community of people who have broken free from tradition (and the bonds of modern slavery) to usher in a new style of living based on pursuing your dreams and bringing value to the world through creativity and passion. I’d like all of our lives to become: born; learn the basics; pursue high income potential path; create sustainable passive income before age 40; do whatever makes you happy; die fulfilled.  You can achieve this fulfilling life, let’s evolve our thinking together and in the process evolve what it means to live. If we have to be slaves to money, we might as well be evolved slaves.

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